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The Nexus

Take a look at some of the places on the internet I think you might enjoy.

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So you want to know where the Archosauriforum came from?
Well then just click here and find out for yourself.
Interested in a fast reliable hit counter. gives you all that. Give them a look see.

Guestbook by GuestWorld
This is where Sobek my guestbook came from. If your looking for a good well known guestbook, Guestworld is the place to go.

Come visit the and see the sights. Everything from deinosaurs, sharks and Amiga's to message boards, subsites and Gremlin's ever popular News of the Stoopid's, has plenty to offer to those with open minds

Do you like Aliens? How about science fiction shows? If so then check out Sci Fi's Star System. Check out the intergalactic zoo or read up on the history of favorite TV shows like Quantum Leap or Sliders. Plenty of stuff for the Sci Fi nut.

The Dinosaur Mailing List
Do you like dinosaurs? Can't stop thinking about them no matter what? Or maybe your already an avid Paleontologist who would enjoy talking with others paleontologists about dinosaurs. Either way, the Dinosaur Mailing List might be right for you. All you need is

  1. Knowledge in anatomy
  2. An ability to withstand constructive criticism
  3. And the ability to handle 30+ e-mails a day
If so then just follow the link to learn more. Who knows maybe you'll be the one to takeover Mickey's job.
Starting Point
Head off to Starting Point if you want to find some free ways to advertise for your site.

Check out Sunflash the Mace's site for info on Sci Fi see the Antisights. Especially the anti-Barney sight (no page should be without one:)

Check out the Crocodile Specialist Group for the latest happenings in crocodylian science