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The Other Stuff

So you've checked out the rest of the site and now think that you've seen it all. Well think again. Now's your chance to tell me what you think about it, or just hang out and talk. Sign my guestbook, make a suggestion, join my cult organizatio.......I mean sit back and have fun heh heh :)

The Archosauriforum
The name means: Ruling Reptile Message Board, but it can't
rule without your help. So go on in and post up a
storm about reptiles, politics, new movies or
whatever you feel like. You can also check out
all the latest developments/improvements to my
site here.

Put your name in Sobek
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Come on in and sign Sobek my guestbook. Or just take a
look at everyone who has already visited it.

E-Mail Me
Want to personally congratulate me on a site well done.
Or maybe you want to privately complain about something I did.
Of course it could just be that you want to ask me something
privately. Whichever one needed, the address is the same.
So feel free.