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Classification of the living species
There has been some recent arguments in crocodylian science as to whether or not the three families of crocodylians should be subfamilies and not simply families. Well after many a heated debate it seems that the true crocodiles, the alligatoroids and the gharial are all now considered seperate families under the crocodylia. And if you ask me, it's about time. So let us meet the three different families of crocodylians.
We have the CROCODYLIDAE which is home to the "true crocodiles" and comprises about 13 living species and three different genera
Then we have the ALLIGATORIDAE which are home to the alligators and caimans. This subfamily holds about seven species and four genera
Finally there is the GAVIALIDAE which is home to the strange Indian gharial. This family comprises only one living genus and species.
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